a diary of intimate thoughts,

a confession of loves and the deepest regrets.

the words that helped me escape when i was low

they’ve become my comforting friend

and i hope they’ll be yours too.

written over a year of reflection and exploration, ‘the thoughts i never said’ is an intimate diary, a heartfelt confession and your comforting friend wrapped into one.

you’re invited to join me on my journey as i learns how to fall in love again, with all the joy and happiness that comes with it. you’ll follow me as i discover someone i’ll never forget, before trying to remember how to get them all over again.

each poem gives a unique voice to the thoughts that you’ll often never say – but still always try and rule your head. my debut book is split into four sections, letting you experience all the emotions a relationship (and the recovery) throw your way:

  • growing up – learning from what went wrong before, and making a better person
  • growing love – dive into overwhelming joy and happiness
  • growing apart – navigate drifting apart and trying to make things right
  • growing back – start to heal and find yourself again

‘the thoughts i never said’ gives you a chance to take a deep dive into your emotions. whether you’re feeling down, happy, in pain or in love, there’s probably something you’ll relate to. read it as a story, or just turn to a page. follow the adventure at your own pace.

treat it as your own work – write your own thoughts, scribble them out – my words are yours too.

wanna grab a copy?

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